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Among the 11 games selected for the ZLAN 2023, we find VALORANT. Announced at the end of 2019 under the name Project A, it is a FPS, developed by Riot Games. In just a few years, it has become a reference in the world of esports titles.

What is Valorant?

As mentioned in our article Explain the purpose of the game to parents, Valorant is a multiplayer shooting game in which two teams of five players compete with firearms. Before the first round, each player selects an Agent, who has special abilities. For example, Sage can heal her allies, while Raze can fire a giant rocket to inflict damage. During the first half of the game, one team is called the Attacker, while the other is the Defender. The roles are reversed in the second half.

There are two ways to win a round. The first method involves eliminating all opposing players, either by shooting them or by using your Agent's skills. For the Attackers, the second method involves planting a bomb at one of the bomb sites on the map. They only win if they can protect it until it explodes. For the Defenders, the second way to win requires them to prevent the bomb from being placed, or to defuse it before it is too late.

The first team to accumulate thirteen wins wins the match. If both teams reach 12 points, the match is over as soon as one team is two points ahead of the other; for example, with a score of 14-12.

Some tips for getting started

If you want to participate in the ZLAN, but you have never played Valorant, here are some tips that might be useful.

First of all, it is important to understand that Valorant is a team game, communication is therefore essential. Communicating in Valorant means giving the position of an enemy when you see them, asking for help when necessary, telling your allies when you use a smoke bomb or when you launch a flash.

This point highlights two other important issues: to give the right information, you need to be able to recognise an Agent, as well as to indicate their precise location on the map. Therefore, we invite you to consult our dedicated guides to Agents and we strongly advise you to learn the main locations of the maps. For this you can refer to the Maps section available on our website.

Communication alone will not always get you out of tricky situations, especially when you are the only survivor in your team. It is therefore important to be able to aimyour enemies more or less correctly. There is no secret, you will have to practice. Valorant also has a training range very practical. However, we can still refer you to several guides that will make your task easier:

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