Valorant will be unavailable several days before its release

As announced yesterday, Riot Games plans to officially release Valorant on 2nd June 2020. In order to prepare for it, beta servers will be down for several days.

Valorant will therefore be unavailable from Thursday, 28th May to Tuesday, 2nd June.

As a reminder, the official release of the game should bring a new Agent, a new map and a new game mode. It will also open the servers to all players, not only to those who have received an access.

But there’s also a lot of maintenance to carry out internally. All of the accounts will be reset. Players who have unlocked Agents will have to unlock them again. The competitive rank will be reset. The skins and progressions will also be lost. You will only keep Betacontract rewards, such as banners.

Players who already invested in Valorant Points should be refund 120% of what they originally spent on the first day. Riot Games already announced that Agents will be easier to unlock once the game is open to everyone.

In short, don’t try hard too much on unlocking Agents or on reaching the highest rank in competitive games, since everything will go up in smoke! Instead, take the time to collect the rewards from the Beta contract.