Valorant unveils a new video for Agent 21

The teasing intensifies around Agent 21, asign that it should not be too long before the released. A few hours ago, a new video has been revealed and the theory that this new character may have water-related abilities is becoming more and more confirmed.

The new Agent is revealed a little more through Riot Games' teaser and a few theories seem to be confirmed. First of all, the idea that the latter is Indian. From several hints , we could guess it and it could be confirmed, since in the new video published on Valorant's social networks, the action takes place in India, in a place called Pagdi Wala Dhaba. People can be seen dressed in traditional Indian clothing, which leaves little doubt as to where the individuals in the video are.

Valorant unveils a new video for Agent 21 - pagdi wala dhaba video teasing agent 21 valorant -
Valorant unveils a new video for Agent 21 - video teasing agent 21 valorant -

As they sit quietly, a strange phenomenon occurs. On the table in front of them, a glass of water is placed. Suddenly, the contents of the glass start to form bubbles that rise into the air. The next moment, the ground begins to shake and a person speeds past on a motorbike. He seems to be chased by other people. It is easy to imagine that the first person is Varun Batra, our 21st Agent, and that he has the REALM agents or the Valorant agents that we know well on his tail.

The video is quite short and doesn't show much more, but it reinforces the idea that this new character could indeed be water-related. Indeed, this water rising into the air can only be a reaction to the passage of Agent 21, since none of the Agents already in the game have water abilities.

Valorant unveils a new video for the Agent 21 - valorant agent 21 teasing aquatic capabilities -

The teasing will soon be over and we can't wait to find out whether or not this new Agent has any water-related skills.