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Valorant teases a frosty event

The official Twitter account of Valorant has been in full teasing for a few days. Everything suggests that something big is happening for the Act 3 of the Ignition Chapter.

Already on Friday, a first enigmatic tweet had been published. It included words in different languages, as well as a prominent 3A.

The languages used are Russian, Turkish and Arabic. If the multilingual speakers are to be believed on Twitter, the reconstructed message would be " it's cold in here, bring a coat and forget the guns". Although we have no confirmation, the 3A seems to be a date: the 3rd Act.

Yesterday, the official account did it again, this time with a video featuring the theme of cold and a word in Russian.

The word hidden in the ice means " Five". From there, all theories are possible.

This video teasing is reminiscent of this of Elderflame skins. Instead of enjoying the warmth of the fire, this time we're heading for the biting cold of winter. We could therefore expect 5 new skins from the Ultra Edition collection.

The other theory would be the arrival of a fifth map of Valorant, set in Russia. It's quite possible, but in a video released at the end of June, Anna Donlon explained that this kind of content should rather be expected when new chapters are released.

As we know, Act 2 of the Ignition Chapter will end when the next patch launches. If the 3A has been interpreted correctly, we should know more by next week at the latest.