Valorant still in the works for consoles?

With the growing success of VALORANT, Riot Games is looking to expand its gaming community around the globe. Last year, the studio confirmed the preparation of a Valorant Mobile, a version that should indeed bring in new users. It is legitimate to wonder if Valorant will also be released on consoles in the future, given the number of FPS players on the XBOX and PlayStation. Very recent job offers confirm that Riot Games is working on this other porting.

The question of porting Valorant to a console is not new. During the first year of the FPS' life, Anna Dolon had confirmed this possibility. However, the game's producer had tempered her words. She specified that a console version of Valorant would only exist if the developers were satisfied with the proposed experience. In other words, this potential console version would only see the light of day if it matched the standards of the PC version.

Since then, the subject of a console adaptation has never disappeared from social networks; on the contrary, many gamers are still hoping to do kills on XBOX or Playstation. So where does Valorant Console stand?

More within a year, we were telling you about of a job offer mentioning the terms Valorant and Console. These clues already suggested the preparation of a console adaptation.

Recently, new offers have been published on this same site and on the Hitmarker platform. These opportunities cover different areas related to video game development. In particular, Riot Games is looking for Game Designers and Technical Producers.

Job advertisements suggest that Riot Games is working on a Valorant Console.

A closer look at the various announcements shows that Valorant will indeed arrive on consoles in the future. For example, in the Game Design Manager - Console vacancies, it states that The person will work with team leaders to develop a vision for combat in VALORANT on consoles. This point is only a small indication of the description associated with the ad.

This confirms Riot Games' desire to produce a console version: Millions of gamers are eager to play VALORANT, if only it were available on the platform of their choice. As the game design manager for consoles, you will help set the vision and guide the designers to bring VALORANT to new platforms. You will be responsible for maintaining the design principles that define VALORANT on the PC while transforming them into the benchmark tactical shooter for consoles.

Porting a game like Valorant is not an easy task, as it was designed specifically for keyboard and mouse use. However, a move to a console brings the aim-assist issue, even the cross-play issue, complex ones that require time to be dealt with correctly.

So it seems normal that the console version is not yet available. For the time being, no release date on XBOX or Playstation has not been revealed, but we know that the idea has not been abandoned.

The future Valorant Mobile is also still in development, judging by other announcements posted on the official website, and the test phase which took place in June 2021.