Valorant soon on console?

This is currently the main question on social networks. Could Valorant be adapted for console ? That's what suggests a job offer recently published by Riot Games.

Senior Game Designer, Console - ValorantThis is the title of the job offer published by the FPS publisher. This raises many questions about the future of the game on a medium other than the computer. Since its release almost two years ago, many players have expressed the wish to have a port on other platforms. Following these complaints, Riot Games announced in June 2021 that the FPS would soon be available on mobile. But what players were really waiting for was a console port. So maybe their wish will soon be granted.

Indeed, Valorant's teams are said to be looking for someone who is creative, has a good knowledge of gamers and is able to surprise them. All of this with the aim of contributing, in the words of the announcement, to bringing console games to market.

We can therefore imagine that the FPS will soon be available on consoles or that Riot Games has decided to create new games directly linked to the Valorant universe. This would not be something totally impossible, as it is already the case with League of Legends.

In order to best serve its players, Riot Games is looking for an individual with over five years of experience in professional game design who has previously worked on a competitive triple-A console game. This person will have a number of responsibilities, including designing and refining systems that will satisfy players competitively and creating features that meet the product's goals. Are you a good fit? You can apply now here. Please note that the position is based in Los Angeles.

If the community's intuitions prove to be correct, players may soon be able to play Valorant on PS4/PS5, Xbox or even Switch, much like Overwatch. But we won't know for sure for a while and if the information is made official, it will be many months before the game is released.