Valorant servers are now closed

As announced by Riot Games last week, players can no longer start games and Valorant’s servers are now closed. They will only reopen at game’s official launch on 2nd June 2020.

So this is the end of the closed beta, after 55 days of restricted availability. So far, only players who have dropped access by linking their Twitch account to their Riot account and watched streams of the game could play Valorant.

From Tuesday, the game will be open and free for everyone. This should reveal a lot of new players, from all backgrounds and all levels.

While waiting for the servers to return, we advise you to read our series of guides which explain how to progress in Valorant. There are guides for competitive FPS beginners’ but also for players accustomed to shooters, but not necessarily to tactical FPS.

Our database also allows you to familiarise yourself with the different Agents, weapons and the maps.

As a reminder, the official release will come with a brand new Agent, a new map and a new game mode.