”Valorant” rank will disappear at game’s launch

As you know, Valorant ranked games will not be available until weeks after the release of the game. When they return, players can expect some changes in how the ranking work, especially at the highest level.

Questioned by Polygon website, Sean ‘Drevarius’ Szopinski mentioned some changes, especially regarding the top of the ladder: the Valorant rank.

When we were brainstorming these names, Valorant seemed like a really awesome choice for the top rank. What could be cooler than climbing the ranks, aspiring to become an elite and heroic Valorant, the personification of the game itself! You guys are right though, it’s a bit confusing. We get it. I get it. We’ll change it for launch.

Sean 'Drevarius' Szopinski - Riot Games

The Valorant rank will therefore disappear. Only those who managed to reach it during beta will be able to claim that they have been Valorants. It’s not yet known what new name will be given to the top rank of the ladder.

It’s not the only change that will occur. Riot Games would also like to add more interest to very high players. During beta, players who became Valorant had no reason to play anymore. A win did nothing for them, while a loss could cause them to lose their hard-won rank.

This is one of the subjects that Riot Games is working on. It’s easy to imagine that a detailed ranking and a quantified rank of Valorant players could be put in place, as established by Riot in League of Legends or Legends of Runeterra. However, it could be something entirely different.

As a reminder, Valorant servers will be shut down on Thursday, 28th May at 6pm.