Power Ranking: The rank of French streamers after a weekend of ranked games

Serious things started on Friday for VALORANT. With the beginning of ranked games, it’s time to sort the wheat from the chaff and see which players stand out the most.

Most Valorant French streamers have of course thrown themselves into the arena. On this occasion, we wanted to make a small point on the level of the biggest French streamers after a first weekend of competitive games. It’s not about updating this article after each change, but rather seeing the first results, 3 days after the beginning of ranked games.

Valorant Power Ranking Streamers

Let's get started with MoMaN. This player experienced in Counter-Strike obviously didn’t have too much trouble getting up to the Immortal Rank in Valorant. He has since oscillated between Immortal 1 and 3. He noticed that the higher the average rank of the game, the more you play against teams of 5 players who know each other well. Solo or duo progression then becomes harder.

You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Kinstaar, Solary’s prodigy, also managed to reach the Immortal 1 rank. He has 22 victories for 14 defeats.

Nameless managed to reach the Immortal rank. He only showed his rank on Twitter with a screenshot, but didn't stream his game sessions.

His regular partner player, Skyyart, is meanwhile Diamond 1 after around thirty games. At the time we’re writing this article, he has 20 victories for 13 defeats.

He’s closely followed by two Mane players. Gotaga and Mickalow are respectively Platine 3 and Platine 2. Both had risen higher at the start of the week-end, but have suffered from some disappointments, which has led them to lose some ranks.

KennyStream is also one of the Platinum 2 players. He believes that the current overall level is much higher than the one that will be seen at the official release of the game. According to him, a large part of the players motivated enough to start ranked games are experienced Counter-Strike players. The level should gradually settle down once every type of players get their access to Valorant.

Thanks to his long night sessions, ZeratoR is gradually climbing the ladder from its initial Silver rank and has risen to Platinum 2.

Finally, there’s Lutti, ranked Gold 3 and at the gates of Platinum 1. Let’s remember, however, that this is a rank clearly above the average of players. After all, you don’t end up Gold by accident.

Of course, the ranking of each of these players is far from being set in stone. Things are changing very quickly on Valorant and we’re only a few days from ranked games. This nevertheless gives an idea of the initial level of each player, while waiting for an API allowing to follow the live evolution of each player.