Valorant presents its new game interface

Forget the old interface you knew and say hello to the new one. Riot Games recently commented about updates that will be brought to the game in the coming weeks.

Very soon, visual identity of Valorant will therefore be revised to be more streamlined and much more readable for all players.

The game's interface is evolving

Get ready to see some changes in the interface of Valorant. These will begin to be implemented from patch 5.08 to refresh the customer's look and improve practicality.

These changes are intended to prepare for the arrival of new features which the developers of the FPS should tell us about soon.

We are talking about re-evaluating interface and user experience standards, auditing the fidelity of illustrations and introducing dynamic design to make the game and its expression more fluid.

Riot Games - Discover the future of the Valorant interface

In order to improve the client and the player experience as much as possible, a special team dedicated to these changes was created. This team had to, for example, identify the room for manoeuvre available in the main game windows, improve the game engine or define the client skeleton and explore several cross-platform compatible navigation options.

As of patch 5.03, you could see the first results of this work through the agent search interface. The latter have become 2D illustrations and their colour palette has been smoothed.

But this was just the beginning and, to take it a step further, more changes are coming to the client. The first update announced by the development teams is the endgame interface. Here's an overview of what it should look like:

Valorant presents its new game interface - endgame interface victory valorant -
Valorant presents its new game interface - endgame interface defeated valorant -

We want to emphasize the importance of team spirit in Valorant. This spectacular new screen highlights the best player and the team composition while reinforcing the emotional aspect of your last games, whether you won or lost them. The ambition is also to make you appreciate the beauty of the agent illustrations with special attention to consistency until the end of game screen.

Tea Chang - UX Design Manager

These are not the only new features that will be implemented in the game. Indeed, you will soon be able to discover a new party search room as well as new loading screens before and after games. Everything has been thought out to clean up the designs and improve readability.

Valorant introduces its new game interface - former valorant game search lounge interface -
Current interface
Valorant presents its new game interface - new game search lounge interface valorant -
New interface

The developers felt that the current lounge was far too full of decorative elements that had no real use. Choices were therefore made and the development teams finally opted for the highlighting of the player card. In addition, the colours have been exacerbated to be much more vivid.

The last update will take place at the "VS" screenThe map has been removed to allow for a better understanding of the game. The card has been removed to leave more room for player bannersThis will make their information more visible.

Valorant presents its new game interface - interface vs valorant -

These changes are expected to happen very soon. However, more updates are expected to be made to the game in the coming months, concerning the graphic animation and the overall visual identity of the game. Stay tuned as Riot Games will be telling us more soon.