Valorant Points cheaper in Europe from September

Your Valorant Points (VP) purchases will soon cost less! Due to various economic factors such as taxes and exchange rates, Riot will be updating the prices of VPs in different countries from September.

In total, 9 regions are affected by a price change. Brazil, Latin America, Russia and Turkey will see an increase in the price of VPs, while in Europe the price will decrease by 5% (only in EUR, GBP and HUF). For the other regions, the tariffs will be adjusted as follows:

  • Brazil: average increase of 15%
  • Colombia: average increase of 11%
  • Costa Rica: average increase of 16%
  • Mexico: average increase of 17%
  • Chile: average increase of 16%
  • Uruguay : average increase of 17%
  • Peru: average increase of 15%
  • Russia: average increase of 6%
  • Turkey: average increase of 17%

The above changes will take effect from 8th September . To compensate for this price increase in certain regions, Riot is doubling the VPs offered when you purchase. Note that these bonus VPs will be given to everyone, regardless of whether your country is affected by a change or not. This offer will end on 8th September, when the price changes take effect.