Valorant pays tribute to Lance "Finest" Arcilla in the new Battlepass

The next BattlePass of Valorant Episode 4 features the title "Finest", in homage to the player Lance Arcilla, alias Finest, who created the meme Jett, Revive Me.

The Valorant community is full of players who make you smile. Some of them are real artists, like Ravoux who recreated Split under Unreal Engine, others are behind memes that will go down in FPS history. This is notably the case of Lance " Finest "Arcilla.

During a game, the Filipino player stubbornly asked Jett for help several rounds in a row. So far, nothing unusual... However, Finest asked him a more than surprising favour: to give him back his life.

This sequence, which has become a cult, reached the developers of Valorant. They wanted to immortalise the phrase Jett Revive Me, through a graffiti, which was available in the Act 2 Fighting Pass Episode 2.

Jett Revive Me! graffiti

A few weeks ago, the sad news came out that this player, who became famous thanks to this confusion, has left us; this information was relayed by his mother via social media. As a tribute to Lance Arcilla, Riot Games has decided to include a player track called "Finest" in the Act 3 Combat Pass Episode 4.

All players will be able to collect this reward as it is part of the free items.