Valorant patch 5.03 will be delayed by one week

The latest patch, 5.01, was deployed on 12th July. As a result, the next patch was scheduled for next week, on August 2. However, Riot Games has announced that there will be no no patch 5.02 in the coming week. It is therefore the 5.03 that will be released. This one should be published on 9th August, one week later. The studio explains that this postponement is necessary, so that Valorant engineers can improve the game engine.

With the addition of Pearl patch 5.00, and the rebalancing of Agents proposed by patch 5.01, we can assume that the next patch notes will be rather light. However, we are not immune to changes, as Riot Games recently asked players for their opinions on several topics.

Amongst all the topics discussed, Pearl was at the heart of the questionnaire. Since its integration into the game, and the withdrawal of Split, the community has had various and varied feelings about it. If some people can't stand it anymore, others are totally won over, as shown by the videos published on the official website of Valorant.

Regarding the future of the map, nothing has been announced yet. However, thanks to the various feedbacks from the community, it is possible that the developers wish to modify some areas of the map, as it has already been done on Bind, Breeze or on Icebox. For example, one could consider adding boxes to break certain lines of sight on site B, thus facilitating the entry of attackers.

See you on 9th August to find out more!