Valorant nominated at the Game Awards

After nominating VALORANT at the Esports Awards, it's the turn of the Game Awards to nominate the FPS from Riot Games. For its first participation, the game is represented in the following esports categories: game, player, team, coach and event. You can now vote for your favourite nominees which may be rewarded during the ceremony on 9th December.

What are the Game Awards?

The Game Awards were founded in 2014 by Geoff Keighley. For almost seven years, they have been rewarding each year the best games and players in the esports and video game community.

Nous rassemblons un groupe diversifié de développeurs de jeux, de joueurs et de noms notables de la culture populaire pour célébrer et faire progresser la position du jeu en tant que forme de divertissement la plus immersive, stimulante et inspirante. Nous nous efforçons de reconnaître ceux qui améliorent le bien-être de la communauté et élèvent les voix qui représentent l’avenir du média.

Geoff Keighley, CEO The Game Awards

The event has 30 categories , such as Game of the Year, Best Art Direction and Best Esport Athlete.

The nominees are first selected by a jury of 103 media and influencers from around the world. Once this stage is over, the general public can vote for their favourite game, player or team in each category.

Valorant at the Game Awards

As with the Esports Awards, VALORANT has been nominated in the category Best Esport Game of the Year. A nice recognition for the FPS launched only one year ago by Riot Games. This is not surprising, however, as the publisher has been making a name for itself for more than ten years with its famous MOBA League of Legends, which is of course nominated every year. In this category, the FPS competes with Call of Duty, CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Games that have been shining on the esports scene for quite some time.

Over the past year, Valorant's competitive scene has been structured around the Valorant Champions Tour and its many competitions around the world. Challengers, Masters, Last Chance Qualifier... All of them have revealed talented teams and excellent players to the world.

Unsurprisingly, one of these teams has been nominated for the title of Best Esports Team, and it's Sentinels ! Considered the best on American soil, they are also a contender for the title of World Champion. The year 2021 has been very successful for its players, as they have won many competitions, including the Masters 1 North America and the Masters 2 in Reykjavik. A very good record of achievement that we hope will allow them to shine at the Game Awards.

Valorant nominé aux Game Awards - valorant best esport team game awards -

it's in this team that one of the best players of the Valorant scene evolves: TenZ. He himself was nominated in the category Best Esport Athlete alongside Simp (CoD), Showmaker (LoL), Collapse (Dota 2) and S1mple (CS:GO). And for good reason, his track record this year is impressive, especially sincehe joined Sentinels. So it's no surprise to see him at the Game Awards.

As for the Best Esport Coach, a member of the team Gambit Esports has been nominated. Engh will represent Valorant in this category. With his team, he won the Masters 1 CIS and the Masters 3 in Berlin, demonstrating his know-how and efficiency in coaching players. Next objective? Win the Valorant Champions.

The last category in which Valorant is nominated is no other than the Esport Event of the Year. The Masters 2 in Reykjavik was chosen to represent the FPS. This nomination perfectly illustrates Riot Games' know-how in terms of organising international events. The publisher makes us dream year after year with its League of Legends competitions, and has demonstrated that they can be just as competent with their FPS. It must be said that with the current pandemic, organising such a big event is not always easy, but Riot Games was able to meet the challenge with flying colours. The Reykjavik Masters was held from 24th to 30th May and crowned the team previously mentioned: Sentinels.

Valorant nominé aux Game Awards - valorant best esports event game awards -

We look forward to seeing you on 9th December to find out who will win each category. In the meantime, you can vote on the website of the Game Awards.