VALORANT new collection: Black Market

Lovers of skins with a military and realistic style, the Black Market collection is for you! Riot Games is once again offering realistic weapon skins with a new in-game effect.

The new skins collection is presented to us through a short video published on the official account of Valorant. From the very first seconds, the different skins are presented in a comparative form. A well thought choice, because the particularity of this collection lies in the fact that the weapon skin change depending on the side the player is in. The appearance of the weapon remains similar, only the colour is changed. A first for a bundle.

This set consists of the following weapons:

  • Bulldog
  • Vandal
  • Marshal
  • Classic
  • Butterfly knife

Used to colourful, futuristic or fantasy skins, Riot Games rarely offers realistic style collections. The finishes and colours echo the Recon pack and the Infantry Operator skin.

The price of the pack is not yet known, but it could well be a pack of exclusive grade and that the package costs about 8700 VP, as well as the Araxys.

The Black Market skin pack will arrive at the same time as the patch 6.07.