Valorant Mobile: A test phase has started in China

On 2nd June 2021, Riot Games officially announced that Valorant would be getting its mobile version. Almost a year later, it seems that the game's testing has begun in China, according to the images that have been circulated on social networks.

This is the Twitter user DannyINTEL, which specialises in mobile games, has unveiled the first images of Valorant Mobile. These are from the first tests that started on the Chinese version of the game. Later on, other pictures leaked on the web. Among them is the in-game interface, which is very reminiscent of Wild Rift, the mobile adaptation of League of Legends.

Players were also given a sneak peek at the champion selection, the game loading screen and the game search screen.

Many players around the world have already tried to get a link to participate in the test phase. However, it would appear that it is reserved for a selection of people having received an invitation from Riot Games.

While we still don't have any information about the release date of the game, we hope to have a beta in Europe in the next few months. The images are quite appealing and we can't wait to download Valorant Mobile.