Valorant Lunar New Year 2023 Skins

For Lunar New Year, Riot Games has unveiled Skins inspired by the 2023 animal of reference, the rabbit. The collection, entitled Luna, will be available from Friday 27th January. If in 2022 the studio celebrated this day with an Event Passthis is not the case this year.

According to the Chinese calendar, the year 2023 will be placed under the sign of the Water Rabbit. In Chinese tradition, this is a sign of calm and good fortune. For this festive day, Riot Games has prepared a skinline, entitled Luna.

The studio has managed to transpose the Water Rabbit into its cosmetics. It thus proposes bluish skins that echo the liquid, with the colours, the shapes of the decorations or the integrated animations.

The Luna collection has skins for the following weapons : Spectre, Marshall, Vandal, Ghost and Melee Weapon. Based on last year's prices, the bundle should cost 5100RP, while it will cost 2550VP for the knife alone.

This pack also contains a gunbuddy that is both cute and terrifying, in the shape of .... rabbit. At rest, it is white and charming, but as soon as you shoot it, it becomes blue and dark! In addition, the pack is likely to contain a spray, as well as a player card.

Luna cosmetics will be available in the shop from 27th January 2023. In the meantime, you can already enjoy the mysterious and destructive Araxys collection.