Valorant will officially be released on 2nd June

Riot Games had given us an appointment at 5:00pm for announcements, and the first of them is the release date of Valorant.

Valorant will officially be released on 2nd June 2020.

The closed beta will therefore not have moved on to an open beta. Riot Games worked on a release this Summer following the overall health situation, but is confident enough to maintain the original deadline which was set internally originally.

The release of Valorant will also see the arrival ofanother Agent, ofa new map anda new game mode (which will remain in beta for some time). This new mode will not be the Team Deatchmatch, but a competitive game mode, different from the current classic mode, which would allow shorter games.

We have no further details at this time, but no doubt it should be soon. It’s almost sure that the map is Ascent, a map that has been datamined for over a month now.

If you remember the announcement of the closed beta, Riot hoped to officially release the game with 4 maps and 12 Agents. With the next Agent to come, however, there will only be 11. Riot Ziegler came back on this during the announcements to explain that they were behind schedule with this 12th Agent.

The official release means that everyone can play Valorant, without needing to gain access via Twitch or a draw. This release also means the opening of new servers all around the world.