Valorant: How to explain the aim of the game to your parents

If Valorant is a game that you often talk to your friends and family about, you must have already been asked the question: "What is the aim of your game?" If you don't know how to explain it to them, don't panic, this article is here to help you.

Remember that you are talking to people who are not used to the language commonly used in video games. So you need to be as simple as possible in the vocabulary you use. So what is Valorant?

The aim of the game

Valorant is a multiplayer shooter in which two teams of five players compete against each other. Before the game starts, each person chooses their character from the eighteen proposed, all having different abilities and aspects. Some can create mats of flame, create walls of ice, teleport and sometimes even heal or resurrect allies.

Treat yourself with Burning Hands.
The Phoenix carpet of flames
The poison cloud can be placed on the planted Spike.
Viper's poison cloud

Once the character selection is complete, the teams compete in a location that has been randomly selected by the game from all available locations. Once in the game, you will be attacker or defender, and this will last for twelve rounds. At the end of the twelve rounds, the roles are reversed. The objective is simple: attack or defend a point.

To win a round, the attackers must either eliminate all the defenders with their weapons and abilities, or plant a bomb and make it explode. The defenders must eliminate all the attackers or prevent them from planting their bomb. If they cannot do this, they can always try to defuse the bomb.

Each round lasts two minutes and begins with a thirty second buying phase during which players will purchase weapons and equipment. To win the game a team must win thirteen rounds.