Valorant (finally) arrives in China

While we have been enjoying Valroant for a year and a half now in Europe, one would almost forget that the game is not yet available everywhere. Among those regions left behind is China, but not for long.

It's Tencent, the well-known Chinese publisher and parent company of Riot Games, who made the announcement this weekend. The firm is responsible for importing many Western games in China. The reason for the late announcement is that the game has to meet specific criteria and be submitted to the Chinese government for approval. In fact, it is not even clear when the game will be available.

Valorant arrive (enfin) en Chine - valorant news chine sortie 02 -

The release of Valorant in China is not, however, a surprise from nowhere. It had already been announced that two Chinese teams could qualify for the World Championships through the tournament Last Chance of the VCT.

Chinese gamers are very fond of shooting games, especially one called CrossFire. You may not have heard of it, but this Counter-Strike clone was for a time the most played game due to its popularity in China alone. CS:GO , on the other hand, only arrived in 2017 and is still struggling to convert CrossFire fans. However, CrossFire is already published in China by Tencent, while CS:GO is published by Perfect World.

It will be interesting to see how Chinese gamers welcome Valorant and, more importantly, how its competitive scene develops. Especially since the Chinese government recently compared video games to "opium for the mind" and tightened regulations on online gaming for minors. From now on, minors will only be allowed to play for one hour a day, on Fridays and weekends. This means that a whole pool of young talent may never be discovered, or may be discovered too late.

For a first taste of what the Chinese scene is all about, a tournament featuring the country's best teams is taking place right now, the FGC Valorant Invitational.