Valorant Episode 6 is called Revelation

The beginning of the year marks the end of Valorant Chapter 5, and especially the beginning of Episode 6, entitled Revelation. The story of Brimstone, Astra, Skye and the other FPS Agents continues in a beautiful ancient city adorned with giant lotus flowers, the new and ninth map of Valorant.

During December, Riot Games indicated that the return of Split would be in January 2023. We also learned that Bind and Breeze would be removed, which suggested that a new map would be added. If we had conducted our survey , no information on the latter had yet been confirmed or denied.

Nevertheless, official Twitter accounts of Valorant have been sharing enigmatic animated visuals for several days. The latest one features Astra, Skye and Harbor, running through a dark forest. In this clip, we hear a familiar conversation, in which Skye mentions the famous lost city.

In addition, all the posts invited the players to focus on the date of 5th January. The fateful hour has finally arrived, and the kick-off of Episode 6, Revelation, has been made through a trailer; electric, intense and deadly!

The quest initiated by Astra and Harbor leads them on the tracks of the Guardians, as we pointed out during our search for clues. After a difficult journey through a dense forest, the two Agents finally reached the gates of a breathtaking lost city, before coming face to face with their counterparts from Omega-Earth...

Image of the Nexus Gates - Trailer Valorant - Episode 6 Revelation
Opening the Gates of the Nexus - Trailer Valorant - Episode 6 Revelation
A first visual of the potential future map of Valorant shows an old flowery city.

As has been stated on Twitter by several personalities of the Valorant community, it seems to be the ninth and new map of Valorant. In a previous interview, Joe Lansford had indicated that the next map would echo a map already in play. It could thus include 3 different sites, in the manner of Haven, a hypothesis suggested by the image of the scan on Fade's mobile phone at 3:17. It shows a map, with three dots marked, as well as three areas highlighted against the rest of the shot. The map can also be seen earlier in the video, with a shot that gives an idea of the different buildings that would make up the future battleground of Episode 6 of Valorant.

The new Valorant map could contain three bomb sites like Haven.
Three sites on the new map?
The new map of Valorant will be a lost city.
The buildings on the new map?

We don't have a name at the moment, but we should have more information about it tomorrow. This map is expected to come next week, along with Split, with patch 6.00 on Tuesday 10th January.