Valorant voted Esport Game of the Year at the Game Awards

For the second consecutive year, VALORANT won the prize for best esport game at the Game Awards 2023. The ceremony featured competition from Valve's Counter-Strike 2 and DOTA 2, as well as PUBG Mobile and League of Legends, the other big game from Riot Games.

This trophy rewards another year of growing success for Valorant, which continues to make its mark not only on the sporting landscape, but also on the culture of a new generation of gamers. While League of Legends remains the benchmark for the genre, Riot Games' other product is closing the gap at breakneck speed. On Twitch, the average number of spectators at Valorant even manages to outdo LoL, depending on the sporting calendar for each of the games.

Although it was an indirect victory for Valorant, the award for esport coach of the year went to Potter. Coach Evil Geniuses carried her players through to the final. their victory in the Valorant Champions 2023despite numerous internal crises which are still raging today and which seem to presage a bleak future for the structure as a whole.

The Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, failed to win the award for best team of the year, beaten by JD Gaming and their improbable history at the League of Legends World Championships. The championship was also awarded the prize for best esport event of the year, at the expense of Valorant Champions.