Valorant developers announce a buff for Cypher

On Monday 17th October, the developers of Valorant gathered on Twitch to discuss Harbor, the game's latest agent. They also took the opportunity to talk about other topics, including the official announcement that Cypher would soon receive a buff.

If Cypher was once a very strong and quite popular Sentinel in the compositions, he is now a shadow of his former self. Indeed, many nerfs have finally taken their toll on him. The Agent has been completely neglected by professional players in international competitions, such as the Copenhagen Masters or Valorant Champions 2022. On the amateur side, it is unfortunately not much better.

That's why the developers decided to take matters into their own hands and give our surveillance professional a new lease on life. Players have been waiting for this for months and Cypher should very soon finally receive the buff he deserves. This was announced during the live event on 17th October.

Something that players can look forward to is we are buffing Cypher. That will be coming soon.

Alexander Mistakidis on stream on 17th October 2022

The buff in question is not yet known and it is not known which abilities or aspects of the character will be improved. Nevertheless, we should probably know more soon. Indeed, the changes should be posted on the PBE shortly after the launch of Harbor and Act 3 of Episode 5.