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Exclusive skins and items for the Valorant Champions 2021

The Valorant Champions 2021 is about to begin and to mark the occasion, Riot Games is offering players exclusive content. You will be able to buy skins and different items, earn rewards and get a free player card!

An exclusive collection to support the teams

From 24th November, you will be able to buy the Champions collection which costs 6263 Valorant Points. At the end of the event, 50% of the profits from the collections sold will be donated to the sixteen participating teams.

By purchasing the collection, you get a Champions 2021 Vandal skin. It has an upgrade called Champions Aura. When the weapon is equipped by the Match MVP, a golden aura surrounds it. Also, when you inspect it, you can hear a snippet of Die For You, the official anthem of the Valorant Champions. But the best thing about this skin is thefinisher animation. If you make the final kill of a round, you trigger Die For You again, and a black orb appears above your victim. At its centre, the competition logo pulses to the beat of the music. As you enter the heart of the orb, the sky turns red and a giant Brimstone appears carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders like in the Die For You video. 

You also get a Champions 2021 skin of a karambit knife. Like the Vandal, the weapon is surrounded by a golden aura when equipped by the leader of kills. 

Finally, the pack contains three player cards representing respectively the three main Agents of the competition anthem video: Brimstone, Phoenix and Sage.

This exclusive content is only available until 12th December, so don't delay if you want to get it!

Exclusive skins and items for the Valorant Champions 2021 - valorant skins weapons vct 2021 -
Exclusive skins and items for the Valorant Champions 2021 - vct 2021 player cards -

Free items to collect

Let's move on to the free content ! You can now log in to the game and receive the Champions 2021 player card. You will also be able to collect content by watching the Valorant Champions matches. To be eligible, you will need to link your Valorant account to one of the platforms on which the competition will be broadcast, namely Twitch, YouTube, Africa or Trovo. Once you have done this, from the 1st to the 11th December, you may be lucky enough to get a VCT spray. During the final, an exclusive drop will be available: the VCT Gun Buddy. Let's meet on 12th December at 6pm (CET) to try to get it.

Exclusive skins and items for the Valorant Champions 2021 - valorant Champions 2021 player card -
Exclusive skins and items for the Valorant Champions 2021 - spray and gun buddy vct 2021 -

See you on 1st December for the start of the Valorant Champions, as well as to grab some exclusive content from Riot Games.