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Valorant Battle Pass ends on 4th August

We were expecting that Patch 1.04 would be the last of the first Act of Valorant, and it's now confirmed. The official Twitter account of Valorant just announced that the first Valorant Battle Pass will end on 4th August 2020.

So players have less than two weeks to complete the Battle Pass and collect its rewards. After this period, it will no longer be possible to get them.

The Battle Pass has been strongly criticised for the investment required to fill it (about 4 games per day, in addition to weekly quests). In response to Valorant's tweet, there are many requests for a Double XP week to complete the pass.

Riot Games had previously explained that the requirements were quite intentional. The goal is to reward the most invested players and create value on the various rewards. If everyone can get a skin, that skin is much less valuable to players. The developers aren't ruling out a few changes for the next few passes, though. They will study the results of the first pass and adjust the levels according to the number of players who have completed the pass.

The end of the Battle Pass should logically mark the end of the Act 1 of the Ignition Chapter. The Act 2 will bring with it a new Battle Pass, but also and above all the release of a new Agent teased several times by the developers.