Agent 22 of Valorant would be an initiator

With the arrival of Act 2 of Valorant, we suspected that Riot Games would start to communicate about a new Agent or a new map. It's now done, as Riot Games has just teased the upcoming arrival of Agent 22.

The new agent

In a video posted on the official Twitter account of Valorant, John Goscicki reveals some information about this famous Agent 22.

A picture was shared in which the legs of a character can be seen. Based on their position and what can be seen, the Agent appears to be sitting quietly sipping a bubble tea.

Judging by the humorous photo of Brimstone and the nickname "Beard Papi", we can deduce that the two characters know each other rather well, if they don't like or respect each other. The most disturbing part of this picture is the two " arms " close to the cup. This suggests that it is a creature linked to Agent 22.

illustration agent 22 valorant

A creature by their side?

According to John Goscicki, this new Agent will have their own way of approaching the locating corners, to enter the sites and planting the spike. All these indications echo the role of the Initiator. Moreover, it is possible to make the link with the potential creature that can be seen near the cup.

illustration agent 22 bubbletea valorant

Their exact abilities are not yet known, but if the presence of a small pet is confirmed, there is a chance that it is linked to them. One could then very well imagine this creature watching the corners or planting the Spike for the Agent. Also, John Goscicki talks about the stress present in the game. A stress that would be lessened when you have a friend with you... A friend who accompanies you during the game. All these indications lead us to believe that the Agent would have a teammate by their side.

If we want to go even further, it is possible that the animal or creature resembles the figure on the lid of the bubble tea. This entity is said to have two arms of different colours and claws.

The video ends with 'Nos vemos', which means 'See you later' or 'See you soon' in Spanish, an additional clue that could be linked to the origin of Agent 22. The architecture and style of the setting suggest more that the Agent lives in a sunny and colourful country, probably in Latin America or on the Mediterranean coast.

Agent 22 would probably be deployed in-game after the end of the act, i.e. from 6th March. As a reminder, this agent is the first of the three planned Agents for 2023.