Valorant Agent 21 Could Have Water-Related Abilities

The teasing continues for Agent 21 of Valorant. A few weeks ago, the developers of the FPS had confirmed that it would be a controller and there were indications that it might be of Indian origin. In recent days, more and more information leads us to believe that it will probably have water-related abilities.

A few weeks ago, an article on the State of the Agents has been released by Riot Games. In it, John Goscicki spoke about the next character in the game. In addition to the fact that he told us that it would be a controller, he also used some specific vocabulary that leads us to believe that it will be related to water. Indeed, he used the words " ocean of opportunities' and 'I don't want you to flood you with too much information'. This is already a pretty clear indication.

But that's not all! As we have seen in several written and verbal messages left in Brimstone's office on the training range of the game, this new Agent is referred to as Varun Batra. However, it turns out that Varuna is the god of the oceans in Hindu mythology. This cannot be a coincidence, given that the individual appears to have Indian origins.

Agent 21 of Valorant could have water related skills - varun batra valorant -

In addition to this name, several voice messages were broadcast on the training range, in which the Agents we already know talk about this famous Varun Batra. The following messages were heard:

The man we hunt is heading west from Bhutan after another scrape with REALM. I've spied on their camp. The operatives speak of towering walls of water, waves crashing through their ranks and the fugitive facing down a dozen men at once. The reports match the evidence at the scene, intense flooding everywhere but no water source nearby.

Omen - Voice message from patch 5.06

Omen therefore speaks of flooding when there was no water nearby. Who else but this fugitive could have created water walls ? This fits perfectly with the image that can be seen right now in Cypher's office, still on the training range. REALM agents in pursuit of Varun Batra, facing a gigantic wall of water. Could this be one of the next character's abilities?

Agent 21 of Valorant could have water related skills - competence varun batra valorant -

Another voice message, this time from Astra, supports the previous assumptions.

Brimstone, I didn't know before, but now I'm sure. This is the one. It has to be. Every mention of the artifact is a match. And if this runaway can use it, game-changer. So we must hurry chale. Our waterboy is out of time. REALM is too close, they're gonna get him. They cannot, it has to be us.

Astra - Voice message from patch 5.07

Once again, we find references to water. All this leads us to believe that Agent 21 will indeed have a link with the water world. However, we can't be sure until Riot Games confirms these assumptions or until there is more teasing.

It is hoped that new information will be available soon and that the new agent will be released soon.