Valkyries Games, the women's Valorant tournament by Samuel Etienne

Now a regular player with VALORANT, Samuel Etienne is continuing its discovery of the world of esports and organising the Valkyries Gamesa competition dedicated to female players of the Riot Games FPS. From the small screen to the creation of this unique event in France, we bring you a brief summary of his career in this new universe.

From television...

Between Canal+ TV newsthe France Info morning show and the Questions for a ChampionSamuel Etienne first made a name for himself on the small screen. However, just over three years ago, the television presenter launches on Twitch and starts a new adventure.

Samuel Etienne started out covering the news, with programmes such as La Matinée Est Tienne or L'Hebdo Est Tienne. Eager to discover this new world in which he is now immersed, he quickly developed an interest in video games by looking at the work of other content creators.

The world of video games has changed 'just a little bit' since the late 80s. Thirty-five years ago, when I was a gamer, with the Atari console and big pixels. I'm discovering that this universe has changed a lot, that the graphics are crazy, that the stories are incredible and the music too [...].

Samuel Etienne - My discovery of esport at VCT Madrid

Shortly afterwards, it launches Sam Playa programme in which he welcomes Twitch personalities to discuss and discover their favourite games. As his interest grew, he finally took the plunge and started playing live on a regular basis. These sessions are a far cry from political debates, yet they are attended by thousands of people!

... organising a Valorant tournament!

Among the tracks that thrill him the most is Valorant. And Valorant of course means competition. Not surprisingly, after his (re)discovery of video games, Samuel Etienne has set out to conquer the esport world. And what better way to learn about this discipline than by attending a competition?

In the documentary My discovery of esport at VCT MadridIn this interview, the now-streamer recounts his trip to Spain, which hosted the first international LAN of the Valorant Champions Tour 2024. More than just an introduction to the fervour of the fans and the general atmosphere of such a tournament, the Madrid Masters was an opportunity for Samuel Etienne to take on the role of casteralongside the streamers Helydia and FUGU_FPS. Enough to experience esport, at least in part.

The report concludes simply "[...] to be continued, as I'm only at the beginning of my exploration of the world of esports, but it's not bad".. And we didn't have to wait long to find out the rest of the programme, because two weeks later, Samuel Etienne surprised the web by revealing the Valkyries Gamesin association with Basement Arena.

This 100% women's event on Valorantwhich he will host and broadcast on Twitch. on 4 and 5 May in the Montparnasse galleries. The competition will feature a number of guest teams, including the women's rosters of the Zerance and Valiant clubs, as well as teams selected through an Open Qualifier. This online preliminary stage takes place this weekend. 20 and 21 April - it is still possible to register via the play.toornament link.