Valiant heroes, the new collection of skins from Valorant

In a few days' time, the Orion skins collection will disappear from the VALORANT. It will soon be replaced by a new bundle entitled Valiant heroes. The Monkey King and his mythical staff are coming to play. Are you ready to write the legend?

Axe, hammer or the butterfly knife, with each new set of cosmetics we discover how designers have transformed the melee weapon. With the Valiant heroesOnce again, they have broken new ground.

No knives in sight, and no sharp blades either - this time you can fight with Sun Wukong's iconic telescopic polealso known as the Gold-Circled Good Pleasure Stick or Ruyi Bang in Chinese.

Even stronger, the Monkey King, a character from the Legend, will come to finish off the last opponent in person. during a twirling finisher.

The Monkey King appears with the Valiant Heroes skins finisher in Valorant

Of course, other weapons are also covered by the Valiant Heroes skin. Thanks to these skins, your Operatoryour Vandalyour Ares or your Ghost will become magnificent weapons tinted red, black and gold.

There are also a visual effect based on cloudsa nice reminder of how to get around Son Gokū. In addition, it would appear that any the collection is available in other coloursincluding a mix of orange and red and a completely black version.

As for the price, we have no information yet. However, we do have some information, it's very likely to be an Ultra bundle, like the Elderflame. If this is the case, each skin could cost around 2,475 VP, and the full pack, 9,900 VP.

Now you can become a real hero!