Fracture: upcoming changes to the map

It has been almost a year now since Fracture appeared in Valorant. If Bind, Breeze or Icebox have undergone a little facelift during the year, Fracture has remained unchanged since its implementation. Nevertheless, the changes are to be expected, as recently announced by Joe Lansford, one of Valorant's map designers.

Each Valorant map is unique in its own way, but Fracture has its own specificity: its H-shaped structure. Attackers can thus be spread out over the four ends, while defenders appear in the central part of the map. In a recent TikTok, Joe Lansford explained that this design was adopted to put pressure on the defenders, and force them to take up space on the map. It took a while for the professional teams to get to grips with the Defence, but now, since the last Masters, they have been able to use it to their advantage, defenders win as many rounds as attackers.

If Fracture seems to be globally balanced today, some areas are still complicated to attack or to defend. In order to improve the overall gameplay experience on the map, the developers are preparing some changes.

In particular, Joe Lansford stated that site A was in the crosshairs of the teams. With so many ways for attackers to get in now, the developers want to make it a little easier to defend.

Fracture: Map Valorant

Furthermore, he stated that the Dish zone would possibly also be reviewed, in order to allow defenders, as well as attackers, to make more use of this space. It is true that at the moment, this area can be very dangerous for attackers, who can find themselves directly under enemy fire when the game starts, and without protection. Similarly, a defender who ventures into this area takes a huge risk, especially if he has to deal with several opponents at the same time.

One can therefore imagine that the studio could add obstacles, such as radianite boxes, rocks, or metal parts that have fallen off the satellite. To make this area easier to use, it would also be possible to close off one of the two accesses around the satellite. In this way, both defenders and attackers would only have to deal with one line instead of two.

The Dish area on Fracture could be modified soon

There are no further details at the moment, but Joe Lansford invites the community to stay tuned, as more information is expected to be released soon.

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