A live presentation of Act 3 of Episode 7 of Valorant

The second Act of Episode 7 of Valorant is about to come to an end. We already know that Act 3 will bring a new Agent, Iso, the Duelist AssassinBut that won't be the only new feature. The developers will soon be presenting the future content of Act 3 during a live session with the streamer Keeoh.

Between Team Deatchmatch modethe addition of Gekko and of DeadlockThe first two chapters of Episode 7 of Valorant have already delivered a whole host of new features. However, Riot Games has no intention of stopping there.

As Act 3 approaches, the studio is revealing more and more information about the future content of its FPS. A few days ago, Riot revealed the identity of the next Duelist, Isobefore her abilities were also made public. A few hours later, we were treated to a minute's worth of gameplay in a dedicated trailer... and it was precise, to say the least!

We've already got a good idea of what this hitman is capable of, but there's nothing like seeing his skills in action. We won't have to wait long, as Riot Games will be live on Thursday 26 October. On this occasion, the developers will discuss with Keeoha content creator and Valorant enthusiast. We remember in particular his famous double backflip clutch using a trampoline!

Presentation of Act 3 of #039;Episode 7 of Valorant

As well as giving more details about how Iso works, the Rioters are expected to provide more information about the forthcoming Combat Pass and Libretto and Silhouette skins in particular. In addition, this live event will be an opportunity for the American firm to go back over Premier mode and the changes envisaged for the future.

To follow the presentation live, go to VALORANT's Twitch channelfrom 7pm French time.