A new map for Valorant's MME mode

MME mode of Valorant will soon have a fourth map dedicated. Riot Games has just announced a new map, which will be unveiled at the Game Changers Championship in December.

However mentioned by Riot Games Valorant's Team Deathmatch mode has been a long time coming. It has finally appeared in-game with Act 1 of Episode 7after being confirmed last May.

As in competitive games, two teams of five players play against each other. But the objective is very different. Here, your team doesn't have to plant or defuse the Spike, but rather make a series of eliminations to win. View our article on how the MME worksfor more information.

And that's not the only difference from Normal mode or any other mode in the game. To offer players a new experience, Riot Games has designed three special maps, called District, Kashbah and Piazza. And you'll soon have the opportunity to fight on a fourth pitch.

Riot Games announces a new map for Valorant's MME mode.

The studio took advantage of communication on the Game Changers Championship to announce a new map. The previous maps are sort of mixes/reduced versions of existing mapsand the visual provided by Riot shows palm trees, we could perhaps see the appearance of a terrain inspired by of Sunsetand why not from Lotus!

To watch the reveal live, go to VALORANT's Twitch channelon 3 December, just before 5pm, the start of the Women's Championship Final.