A cinematic and a skin for the arrival of Valorant in China

To celebrate the arrival of China within its Valorant community, Riot Games has unveiled all-new kinematicslike those for the launch of new episodes. The end of a long soap opera several years, punctuated by negotiations and the examination of the game by the Chinese government.

The Chinese didn't have to wait for official approval to play Valorant, but they didn't have their own servers at the time and organising tournaments was difficult. China finally approved the distribution of Valorant in China at the end of 2023, under the name of 无畏契约 (Intrepid Contracts).

A new knife skin, in the shape of a fan, is available for a limited time in China. They should arrive on all Valorant servers around 14 July. This skin is exclusive to this occasion. It will not be sold again, either in the shop or on the Night Market. If you're interested, don't miss out!

Valorant in China: an exclusive skin range