An Iso nerve is planned with patch 9.00 of Valorant

In general, when an Agent is balanced, it can be completely neglected by players. in Chamber for example, or gain in popularityas it is the case for Iso since deployment patch 8.11.

Iso has gained in popularity

An Iso nerve is planned with patch 9.00 of Valorant - mandatory valorant database portrait agent iso -.

This update, focused on Duelistshas enabled us to buff Isomaking it more effective at taking up contested spaces and winning duels with the Coupled Shooting skill. One of the main changes is that the Agent now receives a second shield charge when he performs two eliminations.

An adjustment that has probably won over a good number of players, since according to data from, its selection rate in the classified section has been growing steadily since 11 June, when patch 8.11 was deployed. It is now close to the 9%then which stagnated at 1% for several months now.

Pick rate d'Iso - June 2024 -

Aware that the changes made to the Agents may have an impact on the a greater impact than expected on their useThe developers follow the development of the meta with interest after each update. The aim is to make further adjustments as necessary.

Coupled fire in the crosshairs

And in the case of Iso, it appears that the studio is not satisfied with the latest buff, since the Rioter penguinGame Designer on Valorant, has announced a nerve with the patch 9.00.

From the first Act of Episode 9, the Coupled Shooting resetafter two eliminations, will be withdrawn. Given that Iso has only had one charge available since patch 8.11, players will have to give more thought to the timing of their use of the shield in future.

The other change concerns the total shield activation time. The shield will only be more active than during 12s after patch 9.00, compared with 20s at the moment. In fact, this should offer opponents "This will give them a clearer window through which to counter him in battle. A wise choice, given that Iso can easily acquire plus 40s of continuous protection if it carries out several successive eliminations.

Normally, these changes will be effective from 26 June next, despite changes to the timetable provided by Riot Games.