A buff for Chamber with patch 8.03 of Valorant

Riot Games has not finished with Chamber. With the patch 8.03 of Valorant, the French Agent is once again in the studio's sights. This time, it's not about nerves, but about a buff. Nevertheless, the changes planned for Tour de Force and Headhunter are nothing new. In fact, they are more of a step backwards than a buff.

Chamber, the problematic agent

Since its release in November 2021, Chamber has been the talk of the town. In just a few months, it has established itself as a must-have compositional tool, winning over the hearts of amateur and professional players alike. At of the Reykjavik MastersIt even ranked fourth among the most-played agents, with a selection rate approaching the 50th percentile. 44%.

A buff for Chamber with patch 8.03 of Valorant - valorant database agents chamber skill icon c -

With so much interest in the new Sentinel, the developers are trying to balance it out without making it obsolete. Two weeks after the end of the tournament, Riot Games unveiled nerves focused on its competence Trademark. There was talk of removing a charge and increasing the price of the tool. Despite this change - the first of many - Chamber's reign was unaffected. At the end of in the Copenhagen MastersChamber dethroned Jett for the first time in a long time, taking the top spot in the most-played agents chart with a pick rate of almost 77%. On the other handSage, Killjoy and Cypher now only appear sporadically in matches.

The hegemony of French is now indisputable. Riot games finds itself obliged to find other ways of "reduce the overall power of its kit while keeping it competitive with the rest of the roster".. And let's face it, the developers didn't pull any punches. While they had only touched on its Trademark in the past, they've now tackled all of these skills with patch 5.03. In particular, they had increased the price of Headhunter bullets (100>150 credits).

With these new nerfs, it was easy to imagine that Chamber would be less popular with players, but the reality is very different. Almost a year after its addition to the game and several waves of nerfs, the Agent remains at the top. Although there has been a slight fall in its selection rate at the Valorant Champions in Istanbulabout 68% compared with 77% previously, it remains in first place in the ranking of the most widely used agents. But above all, and this is more of a problem, the other Sentinels are not regaining much popularity.

A buff for Chamber with patch 8.03 of Valorant - valorant database agents chamber skill icon -

At this stage, Riot Games has no choice but to make drastic changes to keep its game in good health. Rebalancing an Agent for a third time is no easy task. With patch 5.12 of Valorant, Chamber loses a teleportation beacon, and therefore its mobility, but in addition the Tour de Force rate of fire is reduced by 57.5%to name but a few of the changes.

What had to happen happened. As quickly as he had established himself, Chamber disappeared from the compositions. During Lock In São Paulo, the Frenchman rubbed shoulders with the eternal outcasts at the bottom of the ranking, with a selection rate of less than 3%. Worse still, this rate even fell below the 2% mark at the Tokyo Masters; which, incidentally, did the trick for Killjoy, who took the number 1 spot. And even though there was a (very) slight upturn in interest at the end of the year in the Championship - probably thanks to to the small buff in patch 6.11 - you can say it the studio broke the Sentinel.

Will Chamber be back with patch 8.03?

For several months now, Riot Games has been working to refine the role of the Sentinels. It is with this in mind that Cypher has received several important buffsand more recently, Killjoy has suffered a not inconsiderable blow.

Today, the firm seems intent on repairing Chamber. In a Reddit post dedicated to PBEthe Rioter Jo-Ellen provides details of the future patch 8.03 from Valorant. We have also learned that changes are planned for the Agent, in order to "to improve its ability to hold a territory thanks to its unique arsenal of weapons"..

The studio has decided to backtrack on the bullet price increase from patch 5.03. So.., the Headhunter's ammunition will cost only 100 credits againThat's the equivalent of the price of a Sheriff if you buy all eight shots. And that's not the only step backwards being considered, since the rate of fire on Tour de Force will be increased0.9. As we saw earlier, this had been reduced with the previous versions.

There's no guarantee that the Agent will be back on the map after these changes, but they're interesting nonetheless and could well make a difference. The speed of his sniper was one of his major assets when he was at his peak.

If Riot Games keeps to its update schedule, we should see these changes in game from next week, as patch 8.03 should be available online on the night of Tuesday 20 to Wednesday 21 February.

Another nice feature of this update is the preview of capsules dedicated to the VCT teams, in particular to the long-awaited team skins!