An aimbot for Valorant's new Duelist?

We have known for some weeks that the new Valorant Agent will be a Duelist. However, Riot Games has not yet provided any details about its skills. However, the studio has potentially just given the first clue about his kit, and not the least. The new character may have an aimbot-like skill.

At the beginning of the year, Riot Games announced that several Agents would join the ranks of the Valorant Protocolduring 2023. Gekko was added in March, and Deadlock at the end of June. The third and final Agent has been a long time coming, but the wait may soon be over. A short while ago, the studio even gave more information about it, making it official his role as Duelist.

At present, the developers have refrained from revealing any information about its capabilities. However, as John Goscicki in the last Agent statusIt should appeal to gamers who like "chaining frags together like Jinggg, and spending hours clicking on orbs in training to reach a nice 5K".. With this information, we quickly considered the idea of an agent focused on shooting and precision.

And this hypothesis seems to be borne out by the teaser recently posted on the Valorant networks. In the short ten-second video, several bullets can be seen passing through a target. Even if we don't see who the shooter is, it's more than likely that it's the new Duelist. Based on this assumption, we can try to understand one or other of his skills.

The first thing that caught our attention was, of course, the precision of the shots. They all end up in exactly the same place, which brings to mind a kind of aimbot. While it seems unlikely that such an ability will appear in the FPS, it's not entirely impossible. John Goscicki had indicated that the new Agent will bring "a surprise you would never have expected in Valorant".. In fact, there are already examples of characters with aimbot-like skills in other games, including Soldier 76 in Overwatch. The idea is not totally unthinkable if it doesn't automatically shoot you in the head like a hack would. However, in the video, the shots end up in the chest and abdomen. In this way, the aimbot would be able to hit the target without fail, without being lethalwhich seems fairly balanced.

Another remarkable element in this video is the triple shot itself. As we've already said, the three bullets end up in exactly the same place, with a perfectly identical trajectory. Extrapolating a little, it's possible that the Agent has a skill that allows it to inflict more damage: a single bullet would then inflict three times the normal damage. This may be a viable hypothesis, but another seems more appropriate to explain the blatant accuracy of the shots. The new Duelist would simply have a skill that offers a gain in precision over a period of time. This could result in the elimination of recoil on all or some weapons. As a Duelist, and, in fineWith the first Agent on site, he would be better able to run on site to bring down one or two opponents.

Accuracy aside, this video may provide further information about the future Duelist's kit. The impact of the bullets on the target is not insignificant: it looks particularly violentThe target could be made of a hard material, like some of the walls in the game. The target could therefore be made of a hard material, as are some of the walls in the game. Perhaps the new Agent benefits from a boost in shot penetrationIt can be used to shoot through surfaces that are normally too thick, or to enable various weapons to be used in the same way. de wallbangThey can't do that initially. We can also assume that this temporary boost makes it easier to break opposing shields.

The visual effect of the impacts is also rather intriguing, as time seems to slow down. If the Duelist can control the weather in one way or anotherThis could transform the whole game, so the idea seems a little incongruous. Nevertheless, if Riot Games wants to create a surprise with this Agent, time manipulation would be a good way to do it!

After analysing the shots, we turned our attention to the target itself. The centre is completely orange, and all the bullets hit it. Maybe the Agent doesn't gain the accuracy to automatically target an enemy, maybe it can actually see him through a wall or at least part of his body. In Rainbow Six SiegePulse does have a heart sensor to 'see' the location of opponents across surfaces.

Of course it's all just a guess which require confirmation. It is not known when Riot Games intends to release further information, however in the English version of the TweetCypher says the debrief will take place shortly. Suspense then!

As well as potentially providing data on the new Agent's skills, this video lends credibility to the idea that he would be of Chinese origin. On the back wall are symbols that appear to be the "严禁" sinogramsfor "strictly prohibited". If this is the case, Riot Games may take advantage of the Agent's reveal to reveal the teams that will be taking part in the new Chinese League at the VCT 2024.