Twitch announces the Valorant Spike Nations

As Europe prepares to launch the Valorant First Strike, Twitch announces an international event: the Valorant Spike Nations.

Ten European teams enter the running to participate in a small series of showmatches at the end of the week. Each team represents a country, or a group of different countries.

On these ten teams, only eight of them will be invited to participate in the Valorant Spike Nations. In order to determine who these eight teams will be, Twitch invites Valorant fans to share the team hashtag of their choice on Twitter. For France, use #SpikeFR ! The three-coloured team is made up of Jbzz, Bazy, HyP, ZeratoR and Skyyart.

Once the teams have been selected, each will play a match. The four winners will win 5000$ to the charity of their choice. So this is not a tournament to determine who is the best country in Europe on Valorant, just an event to bring the European communities together.

The different teams will be selected on Thursday, based on the use of each team's own hashtags. The Valorant Spike Nations will then be held from 6th to 8th November. Hostilities will kick off at noon, on the Twitch channel of Valorant Esports EU.