All the rules for Valorant's MME (Team Deathmatch) mode

We finally know all the details about MME mode (Team Deathmatch) from Valorant. This new game mode uses very different rules from the other modes, and is even played on three new maps !

Expected since 2020teased at the beginning of 2023 and announced in May of the same year, the arrival of an MME mode raised a lot of questions about the form these confrontations would take. Would it be inspired by Call of Duty, Overwatch or Quake? Well, a bit of all three really. Valorant draws inspiration from the best of both worlds but don't forget to add a little of your own recipe for an original result.

Here's everything you need to know about Valorant's MME mode:

MME mode rules

The MME mode sees two teams of 5 players. Matches last 9 minutes and 30 seconds. This playing time is divided into 4 different phases, to which we will return later.

The aim of the game is simple: the first team to make 100 eliminations wins the game. If no team has managed to complete 100 kills by the end of the timer, the team with the most kills wins.

Maps and spawns in MME mode

So there are three different maps for MME mode. These are District, Kasbah and Piazza. For more specific details on each map, see our dedicated article.

The maps are fairly small and favour direct confrontation. Unlike the classic Valorant maps, the three maps are symmetrical. They each have two spawn zones, one for each team. The spawn zones have several exit doors to avoid spawn kills.

All the rules for Valorant's MME (Team Deathmatch) mode - mandatory news valorant mme tdm screenshots 007 -

At the start of a game or 1.5 seconds after being killed, the player reappears in the spawn zone with a total invincibility buff. This buff disappears when the player exits the spawn or 15 seconds after reappearing. If the player is still in the spawn at the end of the 15 seconds, they are immediately killed.

There's no reason to dawdle in the spawn as there's no no shop in MME mode ! We'll come back to obtaining skills and weapons later.

Agents in team deathmatches

Before each game, players are free to choose their Agents.

Unlike the Intensification modeAgents can use their skills during an MME match. All Agents start with their skills ready to use (with the exception of their Ultimate ability) and skills recharge automatically after a few seconds. Recovery time depends on skill.

The Ultimate skill is recharged in the same way as in a Valorant match: by making eliminations. But there are also orbs that allow you to recharge your Ultimate completely.

Weapons and gameplay in MME mode

As we said earlier, there is no shop in MME mode. At the start of the game, you choose the weapons you will use over the course of the 4 game phases. With each new phase of the game, the power of your equipment and weapons increases.

All the rules for Valorant's MME (Team Deathmatch) mode - mandatory news valorant mme tdm screenshots 006 -

There are other available weapons, placed in fixed locations on the map and can be picked up by any player. These weapons differ from one game to the next and from one phase to the next. The power of the weapons to be collected also depends on the current phase of the game.

Weapon names and locations are displayed on the map, along with their reappearance times. When a player picks up a weapon, the weapon cannot reappear on the pitch until the holder is killed or the weapon is destroyed. If either of these conditions is met, a 30-second timer starts before the weapon reappears.

When a collected weapon runs out of ammunition, it is destroyed and you are returned to your default weapon for that phase. It's best to pick up these weapons before your opponents do, even if you don't intend to use them yourself. You can destroy the weapon after you've picked it up by pressing the button that throws the weapons to the ground.

MME mode orbs

There are two types of orbs in MME mode: recovery orbs and ultimate orbs.

Recovery orbs are located in specific places on the map and reappear 30 seconds after being picked up. When a player picks up an orb, it creates around it a small zone that heals health points and repairs shields for 6 seconds.

Ultimate orbs appear at random times, but always in the same places. Pick up an orb recharges a certain percentage of your ultimate skill. This percentage depends on the number of kills you made before picking it up.

To pick up an orb, simply walk over it.

Team Deathmatch mode will be available from from 27 June 2023the launch of Episode 7 and patch 7.00. It will be accompanied by a new progression system.