All you need to know about Episode 8 of Valorant

Riot Games is offering us a thrilling new chapter in its FPS. In Episode 8 of Valorant, entitled AudacityWe're also learning more about Omen's past. The developers are also taking advantage of this new arc to add a new weaponchristened Outlawand modify certain maps. As before, this Episode will be divided into three distinct Acts. Each will bring new content, which we'll look at on this tracking page.

This page is under construction and will be updated as the next Acts are unveiled..

Episode 8 - Act 1

Starts: 8 January - Ends: 4 March

Launch Cinematic

Outlaw, the new sniper rifle

Introducing the Outlaw, the new sniper rifle from Valorant

A new weapon, a sniper, has been added to Valorant. Find out more about its features.

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Battle Pass - Episode 8 Act 1 - Valorant

All the free and premium Combat Pass rewards from Episode 8, Act 1.

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The return of Icebox

The Icebox map is back in the Valorant map pool with several changes thanks to patch 8.00

Icebox is back in the Valorant map pool with a few changes.

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Changes to Lotus

Lotus changes available with Valorant patch 8.00.

The developers have transformed several areas of the Lotus map to make it more competitive.

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Viper has eliminated Omen

Riot Games unveils part of Omen's past in a cinematic

In the launch video, Riot Games provides some clues as to Omen's past.

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VCT capsules are available

Fnatic's skin for the Classic - Capsule VCT

Skins, gunbuddies, player cards and graffiti in the colours of the franchised teams have arrived.

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Karmine Corp at the top

Karmine Corp qualifies for the VCT 2024 Madrid Masters

KCORP won the Kickoff EMEA tournament and qualified for the Madrid Masters.

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The patches for Episode 8, Act 1:
Patch 8.00 (Modifications to Lotus and Icebox, Addition of Outlaw, Buff from Deadlock and Nerf from Killjoy)
Patch 8.01 (Reopening of Hall A on Breeze, adjustments to Skye, Iso and Raze)
Patch 8.02 (Visual adjustments linked to Viper, Return of the esport hub)
Patch 8.03 (Buff de Chamber, VCT team skins)

Episode 8 - Act 2

Starts: 5 March - Ends: 30 April

This new Act is marked by the launch of a new Controller, christened Cloveable to come back to life. On the esport side, Sentinels wins the Madrid Mastersbeating Gen G in the Final.

Launch Cinematic


All combat pass rewards - Valorant Act 2 Episode 8

All the free and premium Combat Pass rewards from Episode 8, Act 2.

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Clove, the new Agent

All the skills of Clove, the new controller from Valorant

A new Controller joins the ranks of the Valorant Protocol

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Sentinels at the summit

Sentinels win Madrid Masters Final

Sentinels beat Gen.G 3-2 in the Madrid Masters Final.

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Riot Games takes on Duelists

Raze, Neon, Reyna and other agents will be balanced with Valorant patch 8.11

Neon, Reyna, Iso and Raze have been tweaked with Valorant patch 8.11.

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The patches for Episode 8, Act 2:

Patch 8.04 (Nothing interesting)
Patch 8.05 (Added by Clove)
Patch 8.06
Patch 8.07 (Update from Omen Ultimate)

Episode 8 - Act 3

Starts: 1 May - Ends: 26 June

This new episode marks a turning point in Viper's history. With the nerf it has received, we can expect it to feature much less in the compositions of pro players. This new chapter has also allowed Riot Games to introduce Abyssan underground map with no borders! The studio has also made it official that the arrival of Valorant on consoles.

Launch Cinematic


Valorant Combat Pass - Act 3 Episode 8

All the free and premium Combat Pass rewards from Episode 8, Act 3.

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Victory for Fnatic

Fnatic takes its place in the VCT EMEA Stage 1 - VCT 2024

Fnatic won the VCT EMEA Stage 1, beating Team Heretics in the Final.

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Abyss, the new map from Valorant

The new Valorant map, Abyss, has been unveiled

Abyss, the first map without borders, will make you break out in a cold sweat!

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The limited beta of Valorant on consoles

Registration for the Valorant beta on consoles is now open

Riot Games has made official the release of its FPS on Xbox Series S/X and PS5 with a limited beta.

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Gen.G at the top!

Gen.G wins the Shanghai Masters

The Koreans from Gen.G won the Shanghai Masters without losing a match.

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The patches for Episode 8, Act 3:

Patch 8.08 (Large Viper nerve and Cypher nerve)
Patch 8.09 (Very small Brimstone buff)
Patch 8.10 (Modification to the Welcome Contract)
Patch 8.11 (Balancing Duelists, Adding Abyss, Adjustments to Clove)