All Lotus changes available with Valorant patch 8.00

We recently learned thatIcebox and Lotus to return in Competition mode of Valorant in Episode 8, but we still didn't know the extent of the changes to these two maps. Riot Games has now put an end to the wait, unveiling all the images of the changes operated about Lotus. This new version of the map will be added to the game as soon as the first Act is launched, with patch 8.00. As far as Icebox is concerned, we'll have to be patient; the studio has not yet provided any details.

Last January, Riot Games unveiled a brand new exotic menucalled Lotus. A year later, the studio decided to make a few changes to make the map even more competitive than it already was. From site A to site C, via site B, no zone has been spared. And with good reason: this map has not undergone a single modification since its release.

Valorant card - Lotus
  • Changes of the of the Principal A zone

The Principal A zone is a critical area for both attackers and defenders, since the team that controls it has a clear advantage over its opponents. Let's face it, this zone wasn't easy to defend for the defendersThe lack of protection made them so vulnerable.

Principal A - Lotus - Before Patch 8.00
Principal A - Lotus - Patch 8.00

So it's not surprising that the designers thought of a way to make it easier for Defence to use. To do this, they chose to remove the slope from the wall, enlarge the wall at Connector A and add boxes. This gives the defenders better cover and makes it easier for them to move in and engage in combat without taking too many risks.

Attackers, on the other hand, will have to take extra care when checking this space, as they will now be able to face an enemy lurking behind the boxes and an opponent hidden behind the wall of Connector A. This change brings a little freshness to the A side and will force both sides to review their strategies, at least in part.

  • Changes of the Connector A zone
Connector A - Lotus - Before Patch 8.00
Connector A - Front
Connector A - Lotus - Patch 8.00
Connector A - After

As a result of the above-mentioned change, the Connector A has also changed a little. To put it simply, it will be slightly larger than before. Other key changes include adding a recess on the other side of the destructible door. This will certainly be a good way of holding a line on A Rubble, while staying under cover. Enough to knock off one or two of your opponents' heads at the start of the round!

  • Changes of the of site A
Cahute A - Lotus - Before the Patch 8.00
Cahute A - Lotus - Patch 8.00

On site A itself, la Cahute has undergone a major change. It will no longer possible to get throughThe central corridor has been replaced by a recess on the Rope side. This new 'hiding place' will definitely be useful for defenders, but will be difficult for attackers to use. It remains to be seen whether or not the crate that provided protection for planting the Spike on the Arbe side is still there.

This change is reminiscent of the way the developers transformed the container on site B on Icebox with patch 4.04. And we remember that the way in which this site was defended and attacked changed forever afterwards. It's a safe bet that we'll see the same thing happen with Lotus.

  • Changes of the of site B

As we said earlier, the Lotus sites have all found themselves in the crosshairs of the developers. On site B, there are two major changes.

Site B - Lotus - Before Patch 8.00
Site B - Lotus - Patch 8.00

On the one hand, the area for planting the Spike is slightly largeron the other, a new recess appears. In fact, the line of wooden crates has been moved up a notch, which explains why the plant area has been enlarged. This modification is not insignificant, as it adds an extra corner which attackers will have to check if they want to take possession of the site.

  • Changes of the of site C

The plant zone on site B, on the other hand, has only been slightly modified, the one on site C has undergone a real transformation. The space on the Hall side has been removed in favour of the space on the Elbow. It will therefore be possible to plant in the rise and bend in the future. With the addition of a batch of wooden cratesThis space becomes particularly critical. The strikers will first have to get rid of the player who will take the line on the front door, before considering coming to plant here.

Site C - Lotus - Before Patch 8.00
Site C - Lotus - Patch 8.00
C Elbow - Lotus - Before the Patch 8.00
C Elbow - Lotus - Patch 8.00

What's more, the walls that formed a right angle in the centre of Site C have been reworked. In place of these ruins, there is now a single pillar. It's still possible to plant the Spike while remaining safe from opponents coming from Waterfall, but from now on you'll be at the mercy of a possible enemy coming from the Hall. It goes without saying that it will take a little time to get used to all the subtleties of this change.

All these changes will take effect from 8 JanuaryThe eighth episode of Valorant will kick off on that date.