Three new agents are coming to Valorant in 2023

To make Valorant even more attractive, Riot Games regularly adds of the new Agents. This year, players will have the opportunity to discover three new characters according to John Goscicki, Character Producer on the FPS.

Valorant has been out for about two and a half years now. At the end of the beta, the game had 12 agents divided into in four different roles. Soon, the development teams introduced new individuals. More and more Agents joined the selection. In 2022 alone, three new Agents, Neon, Fade and most recently Harbor, have been added to the game. Players now have a much wider range of agents to choose from, with 20 available.

In the latest video State of the Agents, John Goscicki, the Producer of the characters explains that the addition of agents is essential to maintain the game, even if the process of creation is long and complex:

Creating new Agents keeps the game feeling fresh: there's new gameplay introduced, new ways to learn the game, as well as new thematics spaces to explore and fall in love with.

John Goscicki, Producer of the characters on Valorant

Despite the constraints, the developers are doing their best to offer new experiences to players. To this end, the Rioter reveals that three new Agents are planned for the year 2023. It also states that one will be an Initiator and another, a Sentinel.

Concerning the third proposed agent, John Goscicki was particularly vague, indicating that we would have to wait until later in the year to learn more. The fact that there is no mention of any of the four pre-existing classes, leads us to believe that a fifth class could well be created in Valorant. By doing so, Riot Games would make its FPS even fresher and could find a new audience that was not convinced by the current classes.

He also adds some details about Agent 22, who is none other than the next Agent of Valorant. This new individual should join the battlefields in the near future. Moreover, this eclectic character will be able to deal with different situations in their own way. The Rioter states that it will be able to check the corners, get to a point and even plant the Spike in a new way.

Since the current Act will end 6th March, Agent 22 could be added with Episode 6, Act 2, starting on the same date. We can't wait to see what the studio is up to!