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The world's most popular Agents and Ultimates

Just as we made the first review of the Ignition Series, the official Twitter account seems to make a first assessment of Valorant. We then discover a series of statistics from Act 2, divided by region.

The most popular Agent

Only two Agents are contesting the place of Valorant's most popular character. In the United States, Turkey and Korea, Jett dominates. In Russia, Brazil and Mexico, Sage is the most popular.

Jett has grown in popularity in recent months, increasingly establishing herself as the Operator attendant in a team. So it's not surprising to see her so high up. Sage's presence in the other regions is more surprising, considering that she's been nerfed many times. She is nonetheless a particularly useful Agent, which probably justifies her place.

The most used Ultimate

Of course, the most used Ultimates are linked to the most played Agents. And yet, the results are quite surprising. In Korea, Turkey, Mexico, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Blade Storm, Jett's ultimate, wins. In the United States, it's Sage's Resurrection that wins. And in Brazil, the big exception, it's Raze's Showstopper that wins.

Interestingly, Jett's Ultimate is used more in areas where she's not the most popular. Just as it's Sage's that wins it in the United States, although she's not the most played. Jett's dominance probably stems from the fact that she's much more aggressive than Sage and therefore wins more ultimate points.

Phantom or Vandal?

Finally, the world is divided on the eternal debate: Phantom or Vandal? The United States, Mexico and Korea line up behind the Phantom. Brazil, Turkey and Russia prefer the Vandal.

And what about Europe?

You will probably have noticed, but strange at is sounds, these statistics absolutely never mention European servers. Yet it's one of the most important regions for Valorant. We would have liked to know the trends on the old continent.

Never mind, to have a little idea of what the community thinks, we decided to organise a little popularity contest. Starting tomorrow, you'll find a series of polls on Mandatory.GG Twitter account to determine who is the most popular Agent in the community.

Please do not hesitate to follow our Twitter account and answer the various polls. They will be pinned for 24 hours, until it's determined who your favourite Agent is.