The VRL changes format and becomes the RLF for Split 2

After an eventful first split, the VRL is back, but in a completely different form. Indeed, this Split 2 changes many things, starting with the name of the competition, the number of participating teams and the format of the matches.

From VRL France to RLF:R

While the name Valorant Regional League was catchy enough and symbolised the circuit rather well, it turns out that the acronym VRL is in fact already registered and therefore cannot be used officially by Riot Games. The circuit is therefore forced to change its name to the Regional League France: Revolution.

One can only be surprised that from "Valorant Regional League" it is "Regional League" and not "Valorant" that is retained. As it stands, the RLF could almost be mistaken for a Rocket League competition.

Two new teams

The competition is expanding and now hosts 10 teams instead of 8. The two newcomers include the MAD Lions, the Spanish organisation that bought the Tenstar players and announced its arrival on Valorant last week.

The last team to join the competition is not officially known, although rumours are rife that a big French esport structure will be joining. We should have an official announcement in a few days.

A new format in BO1 that raises questions

This Split 2 is an opportunity for the organisers to test a new format. The BO2 are disappearing in favour of BO1. Where the teams actually played back-to-back matches in Split 1, this will no longer be the case from Split 2.

A surprising choice when you see the green light given to Riot Games when the first Challengers Europe were played in BO1. The matches were then compared to heads or tails.

With new teams and a new format, the competition schedule is bound to get heavier. The RFL will now be played 2 days a week, on Monday and Tuesday, but this time, all teams will play every day. These are no less than 5 matches per day that will be played.

The competition is still scheduled to take place over 7 weeks, like Split 1. This means that 2 Super-Weeks will be organised. These are weeks where the competition is held over 4 days instead of 2.

This change of format, which seems far from unanimous among the players, risks having a very strong impact on the balance of forces and the quality of the matches themselves. Some teams and players need to play for a while before they get hot and give their best. By playing only on one map, it also becomes very difficult to learn from the opponent and adapt.

From the spectator's point of view, this means much more regular matches, but with probably much less tension and stakes. You will also have to be present 2 days a week to not miss anything about your favourite team.

In short, this split 2 is already shaping up to be quite different and very busy. But that doesn't matter. The Team Mandatory will win no matter what*.

*Do not take into account this remark in case of defeat.