The Valorant Ranked Games reviewed

In a new tweet, Riot Ziegler says that the Valorant ranked games system is currently undergoing a major review. The goal would be to make improvements soon.

Riot Games has been fairly vocal about the Valorant ranked system for several weeks now. It's not adapted for players, and it doesn't suit the developers. Riot Morello had explained that the team in charge of the ranked games was looking for a new leader. The person who led the development of the ranked mode left the company earlier this year.

Since then, the rank system had been changed. At the launch of Act 2 of the Ignition chapter, we saw the Badges. It was too optimistic to think that simple badges would fix the issues in the ranked games themselves.

According to Ziegler, the development team has several avenues to improve the gaming experience. We have no further details at this time and unlikely to have any. As a reminder, Riot Games imposes a week off in August for its employees, so there won't be any releases or even patches for the next few weeks.

Among the problems that come up most often, there is the speed with which one moves up or down in the rankings. This allows players who are not necessarily very talented to reach Immortal or Diamond at the end of a good streak. We can also mention the absence of a leader-board and the way matchmaking works, especially when there's a full team.