The FEAR/NONE collection of Valorant Champions 2022

The Valorant Champions will start in less than two weeks, on 31st August. To mark the occasion, Riot Games has unveiled the clothing collection which commemorates the event. An opportunity to show the world your passion for the FPS and its competition.

This new collection, called FEAR/NONE, is made up of a windbreaker and a cap, as well as the AURORA-03 hoodie, which is a continuation of the two previous ones, which was on sale during the Masters of Reykjavik and Copenhagen.

  • The windbreaker is made up of two colours: black on the upper part and yellow on the lower part. On the front is the VCT logo, the name of the VCT, the current year and the venue. On the back you will find the name of the collection and the name of the competition. The price is 99€.
  • The cap is simply black with the VCT logo in gold on the front. It will cost you 31,50€.
  • The hoodie mixes gold and black, with the VCT logo on the heart and also on the back, in the centre of a set of diamonds. It also features the words "2022 Champions" and the name of the competition on the back. It is priced at 99€ also.
FEAR/NONE collection of Valorant Champions 2022

The collection will be available from 24th August on the official shop from Riot Games.

If you want to buy one of his clothes, you don't have to wait too long as they will be available in limited edition, so there will not be enough for everyone.