The OG Esports structure leaves the VRL France

Recently, following the split 2 of the VRL, OG announced its separation from their entire roster. Today, the League has decided to allow the players to take over the torch from their former structure. Thus uNKOE, fxy0 and OniBy, will participate in the relegation tournament, if they have a full roster.

The end of an adventure...

At split 1 of the VRL France, OG Esports had shown its know-how and had managed to reach the semi-finals thanks to 2 wins, 4 ties and only 1 loss. During this second split, the structure experienced more difficult times. With only 3 wins and 15 losses this time around, the performances were not up to scratch and the team finished in last place of the general ranking,.

The last match of this roster in the VRL was also the last match of OG Esports in the VRL France adventure. Two weeks ago, the structure announced the separation of the team.

The organisation took the opportunity of this announcement to thank KONEQT, LaAw, OniBy, fxy0 and uNKOE for their efforts, passion and determination until the last moment.

While this past season for the team was met with adversity at many corners, we are proud of them for sticking through and fighting until the end. We are grateful for their efforts across the entire year, and wish them the best going forward.

Mike Schwartz

Although it is leaving VRL France, OG Esports is not disappearing from the Valorant scene. Since last May, the structure has entered into a partnership with LDN UTD ; with this merger, OG Esports has joined the competition at the next level, as LDN UTD was playing in the VCT. The OG LDN UTD roster will soon be competing in the Last Chance Qualifier in August for a spot in the Valorant Champions.

... and the beginning of a new one!

Three former OG Esports players wanted to continue in the VRL France. By having participated in the competition, and by maintaining a roster composed of at least three people from the original team, uNKOE, fxy0 and OniBy were allowed to continue and participate in the VRL relegation tournament.

However, they will need to find two more members to complete their team and now have until 11th August to communicate the full list of players.