The RGX 11z Pro skin bundle is back

The collection Doodle Buds will soon be replaced by a brand new set of skins. The RGX 11z Pro, a second version of the much-loved original RGX set, will appear with the new act and patch 4.08.

Visual of the original RGX skins.
Bundle of original RGX skins

The first edition of the RGX pack featured skins for the Vandal, Guardian, Stinger, Frenzy and Melee Weapon. This new set of skins, as bright and colourful as ever, will include a visual for 4 other items plus the Melee Weapon:

  • The Classic
  • The Phantom
  • The Operator
  • The Spectre
  • The Melee Weapon - In the original version, the weapon was a long folding blade, but this time it is a butterfly knife.

All these weapons will be available in several colours: green, yellow, blue and red.

If you like skins that also offer a finisher, the RGX 11z Pro will delight you! By finishing the round with an elimination, you can imprison your enemy in a sort of electric cage before making them disappear. Other upgrades are available for a fee, including colour variations of the lighted parts.

To get your hands on these cosmetics, you will have to pay 8,700VP or 2175VP per skin. The bundle also includes a player card, graffiti, and a Gun Buddy, available for 375VP, 325VP and 475VP respectively outside of the pack.

Be careful though, you'll have to be reactive if you don't want to miss out, as this bundle will only be available for a while!