The Run It Back 4 skins collection is available in Valorant

In Valorant, getting your hands on past skins is not easy, but it is not impossible. The most effective method is to wait the Night Market. However, this is not the only way to complete your cosmetic collection. Every year, Riot Games offers a unique opportunity for players to pick up some of the old premium skins through the Run It Back collection. The new bundle includes the highly acclaimed Phantom Reaver!

As usual, the Run It Back 4 bundle includes five skins, for five different weapons:

The Run It Back 4 bundle contains five skins from past collections
  • A skin for the Phantom from the new collection Reaver, which has become iconic in Valorant. For a few Radianite Points, you can choose from three colours other than the basic purple, namely red, black and white.
  • The Origin skin for the Frenzy, which comes in four distinct colour duos: gold/black, silver/green, red/black and gold/silver. Mind you, if you use the Frenzy, you won't get paid as ZeratoR would say.
  • The Neptune skin for the Guardian. In its most basic version, the weapon is essentially white, but if you choose to take the higher version, it has an aquarium filled with small fish at the body. They will admire with interest all your best actions!
  • The Sovereign skin for the Marshall. With this skin you can eliminate your opponents in style. Just like the previous cosmetics, this one is available in different variations. You can choose between white/gold, emerald green/silver, black/silver and green/black.
  • The Cryostasis skin for the Operator. There are no variants in sight here, but a rather nice visual effect to unlock. During the round, the sniper is covered with a thin layer of gel. Enough to freeze your enemies in place...

Each item is available for sale for the sum of 1 775VPs, while the whole package will cost you 5 950 VPs. If you want to pick up either skin, don't delay! The Run It Back collection is only available for a limited time, until 29th May to be more precise.