The return of the Night Market

You've been waiting for it, it's back: the Night Market. For a few days, you will be able to enjoy yourself and enlarge your collection of skins!

For new players who are not yet familiar with the Night Market, the principle is relatively simple. About every two months, the game randomly offers you six weapon skins at reduced prices. You then have a limited time to obtain them and you cannot change them.

To find these offers, simply click on the card icon in the top menu of the game. It is located to the right of "Shop" and will be slightly highlighted if you haven't clicked it yet.  

Once you are in the Night Market, you will be presented with six unrevealed cards. Click on them to find out what offers are available to you.

Valorant Night Market
Night Market Offers

Available in game since 7th April, the Night Market will close its doors on Tuesday 19th April. If you've got discounts on the skins of your dreams, don't hesitate too long to buy them, because then they won't be available anymore and you'll have to pay full price. And if you haven't had a chance to check out the offers in your market yet, don't delay.