The Ascendant rank changed the distribution of players in the other levels

The 5.00 patch has brought an eighth map to Valorant, but that's not all. Among the new features integrated in this update, we find the Ascendant rank. This elo was introduced to relieve the pressure on the lower levels of the ranking, and has greatly altered the distribution of players in the different elos.

Since the API of Valorant went live, Aleko has studied the evolution of the percentage of players in the different ranks of the ranking. Recently, he posted on Reddit the impact of the Ascending Rank on this famous distribution. Thus, the following infographic compares the percentage of players having reached a rank, before and after the addition of the Ascending Rank.

Distribution of players in the ranks of Valorant

The developers added the Ascendant rank mainly because of overcrowding of the Bronze and Silver ranks. The aim was to distribute the lower level players more evenly in the other ranks. This has now been achieved!

It can be seen that more low-level players have reached higher ranks. This is not surprising, as the tiers for the different ranks were lowered between patch 5.00 and patch 5.01. Thus, before the Ascendant rank, only 86% of the players had reached the Bronze today it is more than 95% of them. Moreover, these new "Bronzes" are generally former Iron 2 or 3. Today, only 1% of the players are now in the Iron rank, compared to 7% in the last Act.

There has also been an increase in the percentage of players who have reached theSilver 1, more than 75%, against 60% before. The same observation is made at the level of Gold 1. This eloquent statement now concerns 48% of the players, whereas it was only reached by 33% of them previously. Nowadays we find near 50% players in a rank higher or equal to Gold 1, and no longer Silver 2.

While it is best to wait a few more weeks to really analyse the data at the higher levels, it appears that the Ascending rank has also changed the distribution at these elos. In the case of these higher ranks, the trend is different from what is observed at the lower levels: fewer players have reached some of the later levels. For example, only 0.27% of players reached the Immortal 1, against 1.4% before this rank was added. Similarly, the number of players who have obtained the rank Radiant has fallen sharply. If 0.03% of players had this rank before the Ascendant appeared, this percentage has dropped to 0.001% during this new Act.

It will be interesting to see if these changes continue over time, as the severity of scoring during ranked games has returned to normal since the last patch.

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